Virtual Care Technology and Services: Reduce costs - Protect Staff - Improve Care

Virtual Care Technology and Services
Reduce Costs - Protect Staff - Improve Care 

Increasing financial pressure and the growing national nurse shortage compounded by a global pandemic have necessitated the rapid adoption of virtual care models that extend the reach of interactive patient care systems.

In response to these unprecedented challenges, the new TigrPX Interactive Patient Engagement System now incorporates a Patient Video Solution (PVS) that helps hospitals create an in-house virtual care environment with the in-room health-grade television.

Patients can view their favorite television programs or on-demand movies, watch assigned patient education videos, enjoy soothing relaxation content, or initiate a virtual care session--all by using the pillow speaker remote control. More face time with care providers is enabled to ensure a better healthcare experience for hospitalized patients.

The Patient Video Solution leverages the smart TV platform for secure HIPAA compliant video-conferencing communication between healthcare providers and patients during their hospital stay. Nurses, case managers, social workers, and other care staff can engage and interact more with patients using in-house virtual care technology without direct physical contact.

With an overwhelming influx of isolated patients, the PVS also:

  • Helps protect hospital staff from exposure to infectious disease--especially those with loved ones who are particularly vulnerable
  • Conserves personal protective equipment by reducing the demand for PPE


    By initiating virtual care sessions with hospitalized patients, healthcare providers will quickly realize the benefits of:

  • Seeing more patients across an entire hospital campus from a single location
  • More time to meet with patients
  • A safer and more efficient clinical workflow

Remote Services Also Available to Address Nurse Shortages and Augment Care

As the largest provider of integrated television and audiovisual systems for hospitals, TeleHealth Services offers unmatched expertise in creating an optimum in-house virtual care environment for hospitals using a networked TV, mounted camera with two-way audio-video communication, and a pillow speaker for patient control of the Patient Video Solution along with ongoing system support.

Taking a comprehensive approach to delivering virtual care solutions, TeleHealth Services has also partnered with Banyan Medical Systems to offer supplemental virtual staff that augments nursing and case management services, including:

  • Qualified "telenurses" as first responders for patient care requests
  • Virtual safety companions to monitor at-risk patients
  • Transitional Care Management services to provide continuity of care post discharge and reduce avoidable readmissions


The entire virtual care system, including integrated hardware and remote telenursing, is able to be configured to operate with fully trained and managed staff quickly, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Using this approach, remote staff supplements existing patient care professionals with admissions, education, patient requests, safety companionship, and discharge planning. The system can be also used to support safe visitation from other medical professionals (hospitalists, specialists, etc.) and pastoral care.

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