Infrastructure & Distribution

Maximize the Performance, Capabilities & Picture-Quality of Your Healthcare Televisions

Hospital television system performance depends on more than the quality of the television itself. Although HDTVs can display beautiful vivid imagery, it’s the integrity of the signals transmitted through your headend and distribution infrastructure to the TV that primarily determines picture quality. 

At TeleHealth Services, our team has decades of experience consulting with hospitals and health systems nationwide to create a technology roadmap that provides a clear vision for meeting current requirements and setting the stage for future upgrades.

TeleHealth will work with you to integrate high-quality headend technology and distribution systems to provide a customized hospital TV network to deliver a scalable solution that meets your needs.

Digital Headend System Evaluation & Design

People in Telecoms RoomYour facility’s distribution headend system serves as the main distribution point for all of your facility’s entertainment and education programming. Whether it’s RF, RF-over-data, fiber, or IPTV, the quality of your headend is critical to delivering the extensive, high-quality HD programming patients expect while positioning your facility for future technology upgrades.

Each of TeleHealth’s superior quality, digital headend solution is custom engineered, quality tested, and shipped fully assembled to make installation quick and easy. Plus, TeleHealth’s digital headend solutions provide more programming options than cable, while delivering considerable cost savings and better-quality entertainment.

Digital Headend Systems Features & Benefits

  • All components are rack-mounted at the factory and shipped ready to connect to MATV system 
  • Configurable on-screen program guide 
  • Remote management & configuration 
  • Frequency agile modulators allow easy changes to channel lineups 
  • Over 135 channels provide the perfect balance of news, entertainment, and sports 
  • Supports multiple chassis configurations for customized configurations 
  • Typical rack dimensions: 72" H x 19" L x 14" W 
  • Headend can be leased or purchased 

HD Readiness

Patient TVs offer a powerful medium for hospitals to entertain and engage patients — HD maximizes this potential, ultimately leading to improved patient satisfaction and experience, and helping you get the most out of your overall system investment.

Let TeleHealth conduct a Television Signal and HD Readiness Assessment. We will evaluate the status of the television signals throughout your facility, as well as your distribution system, and deliver an objective assessment of your current distribution system architecture, with a focus on:

  • Channel lineup
  • Picture quality
  • Bandwidth requirements
  • Industry-standard conformity
  • Future technology expansion

HDTV systems provide a robust foundation for exceptional patient experience.

TeleHealth is your turnkey healthcare television solutions partner; we have all the healthcare and engineering expertise, component hardware, installation services, and support necessary to provide a comprehensive patient experience solution to your hospital. Contact TeleHealth Services today.