Improve your patient experience

Patient Experience

  • Hospital HDTV
    Keep patients satisfied and comfortable with a home-like entertainment experience that patients demand and appreciate 
  • Hospital IPTV
    Future-proof your television system over the most widely deployed network technology in the world to take advantage of operational efficiencies
  • Quality Patient Education
    On-demand, patient-specific education engages patients and caregivers at the optimal teachable moment
  • Service Recovery Applications and Patient Surveys
    Allow patients and family to provide real-time feedback to address concerns and benchmark your quality initiatives to improve the patient experience

Patient ExperiencePatients and visitors spend a considerable amount of time watching TV in patient rooms, waiting rooms, cafeterias, rehab centers, and other areas of your hospital. There is real value in making sure that experience is in-line with their expectations.

At TeleHealth Services, our hospital television and Health AV solutions are designed with your patients and visitors in mind. State-of-the-art, healthcare-grade HDTVs and Smart TVs from leading brands such as LG and Samsung provide your patients and their families with a truly “at-home” entertainment experience while meeting hospital performance and safety standards.

Behind-the-scene services, such as IPTV system integration support a high-quality picture and diverse patient programming delivered over your facility’s televisions. Altogether, these solutions make it simple to keep patients entertained and engaged.

TeleHealth Services also enhances lobby and common areas in your hospital with wayfinding, digital signage and interactive video walls to make a memorable first impression and establish the framework for their overall experience.


TeleHealth Services’ interactive patient engagement solutions take the patient experience to higher levels of meaningful engagement and activation across the care continuum. Working with nearly 500 hospitals, TeleHealth Services has transformed the way patients are educated, informed, and entertained—giving them the tools they want and need to manage their own care. With patient-specific education plans, communication tools, patient request and service recovery capabilities, systems integrations, and entertainment features, the patient experience has never been more engaging. The new TigrPX patient engagement system enables hospitals to automate workflows and standardize education to drive quality, safety, satisfaction, and service excellence.

An integrated Patient Video Solution (PVS) also creates a virtual care environment to safely deliver clinical staff services and minimize infection risk. Patients interact with “telenurses” or other clinical staff via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing using the in-room television during their hospital stay. Create a truly patient-centered care environment and positively affect patient experiences and outcomes.