Hospital workflow solutions to improve Operational Efficiencies

Operational Efficiencies

  • StaffConnect Dashboard
    Provides easy-to-use education prescription and useful informatics tools to drive increased education compliance and critical service data analysis
  • Interactive Patient Whiteboard
    Acclimates patients to their care plan by displaying vital care information like care team, medications, test results, scheduled procedures, and more 
  • Service Recovery Applications
    Automates processes, benchmarks initiatives, and provides enhanced patient satisfaction while giving clinicians more time to deliver patient care 
  • Patient-Specific Messaging
    Provides automation around discharge planning, post-cute assets, and other tools to decrease readmissions

Our interactive patient engagement solutions deliver powerful staff-patient interactivity and care plan management tools that help hospitals exceed critical success metrics and create efficiencies to fundamentally transform care. TigrPX encompasses the integration of clinical tools, patients, processes, and ground-breaking technology to empower patients and staff, increase organizational performance, and drive documented quality, safety, and performance improvements.

Using a tablet, hospital TV, or any networked device, TigrPX enables hospitals to more easily promote active patient participation in their care process and automate both clinical and non-clinical workflows.

Patient education is streamlined through timely condition-specific education and documentation of education sessions. In seconds, a clinician can prescribe and initiate a patient education video to the patient's television or digital device. Built-in comprehension assessments determine whether patients fully understand their condition, medications and post-discharge recovery plans.

Electronic patient whiteboards display important patient-specific information in real-time to provide expanded clinical focus. TeleHealth has worked with cross-functional teams from more than 430 hospitals nationwide to integrate our solutions and aid in standardizing applicable processes to achieve documented enhanced levels of patient care.

TigrPX also enables patients to immediately communicate non-clinical requests, such as

  • Housekeeping
  • Room temperature controls
  • Food and beverage services
  • Noise levels
  • Chaplain services

Automating these types of requests provides more clinical staff time devoted to patient care and creates more efficient hospital workflows.

The system further allows patients to submit feedback and answer surveys to help hospitals make internal improvements and proactively address patient satisfaction issues.

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TigrPX automates clinical and non-clinical workflows.