Clinical Workflow Image

Continuum of Care

  • ADT/ EMR Interface
    Documents patient education session into the patient’s medical record, or automate new education delivery to streamline nursing workflows 
  • Interactive Patient Whiteboard
    Provides a real-time display for information on a patient’s care team, medications, pain assessment, procedure schedule, and other care plan information
  • Medication/Pharmacy Interface
    Automates delivery of prescription medication education, and drives additional revenue and discharge efficiencies for hospitals with a retail pharmacy
  • Dietary Interface
    Provides patients access to compliant menus with the ability to order their own meals, information and education about nutrition and healthy eating, and caregiver meal ordering

Interactive Solutions

Engaging patients and their families across the continuum of care is critical to achieving Triple Aim objectives of improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita healthcare costs. The TigrPX patient experience platform allows hospitals to better facilitate the transition of care by connecting patients using customized touchpoints across the care continuum. Your health system can shape the patient experience with TigrPX by providing on-demand, patient-specific education plans and communication tools pre-admit and post- discharge to continue and encourage patient and family engagement throughout the recovery process.

For example, through TigrPX, clinicians can prescribe condition-specific education content prior to discharge (based on diagnosis codes within the patient EMR) that provides patients information to help lessen their anxiety about how they and their families can take care of themselves at home. Patients can repeatedly view their prescribed programs and share the content with family/caregivers and prepare them to support the patient’s recovery in the hospital and after they are discharged to their home or a care facility. Delivery of this condition-specific content beyond the patient room helps reduce readmissions.