TeleHealth’s Rental Management Solution

Simplify Revenue Generation

Generate revenue to help support the investment and ongoing cost of your patient television system or interactive patient care system. With TRMS (TeleHealth Rental Management Solution) from TeleHealth, implementing a television and telephone rental program in your facility is cost-effective and easily implemented. TRMS allows patients to order television and/or telephone service anytime, day or night, without an attendant or assistance from hospital staff. Charges and collections for patient television and telephone service are streamlined, with an automated patient rental program.

With TRMS, hospital and patient benefits include:

  • TRMS is an easy-to-use, patient-activated system with automated order, charge, and collection functions for streamlined management of rental services.
  • Patients enjoy convenient payment methods such as home billing, credit card, or cash payment, as well as the ability to mix and match payment methods.
  • Hospitals have the ability to customize rental packages and apply rental discounts to qualified patients.
  • Patients and family have 24/7 access to TeleHealth’s domestically-located Customer Care Center to ensure timely resolution of customer service requests.
  • Compatibility with existing hospital infrastructure enables low cost of ownership.
  • The web-based interface allows authorized personnel to access, review, and audit rental activity from any hospital networked device.
  • TRMS is equipped with an ADT interface to automate activation and deactivation for patient transfers and discharges as well as all service billing functions.

TRMS is easy for patients to use with on-screen prompts and an interactive pillow speaker, or by following voice prompts using the in-room telephone. To make service activation even easier, TeleHealth offers the TRMS Infomercial, available in English and Spanish, to showcase your rental features and guide patients step-by-step through the process.

To learn more about implementing a television and telephone rental program at your hospital, contact us and one of our solutions executives can begin working with you on the optimal solution.