TigrPX Next-Gen Interactive Patient Engagement Solution

TigrPX Next-Gen Interactive Patient Engagement Solution

Introducing TigrPX:
TeleHealth's Next-Generation Interactive
Patient Engagement Solution

For Better Patient Experiences and Better Patient Outcomes

Empower, educate and motivate your patients with TeleHealth Services’ next-generation interactive patient engagement solution. Developed with decades of evidence-based research and working with nearly 500 hospitals, TeleHealth Services transforms the way patients are educated, informed and entertained--giving them the tools they want and need to manage their own care.

Our modular approach to interactive patient education and engagement has evolved over the years to more fully align with healthcare quality improvement and cost reduction goals.

Enhancing the patient experience is regarded as a potential driver of hospital performance, since it can strengthen patient customer loyalty, build hospital reputation and brand, and boost utilization of hospital services through increased referrals to family and friends.
Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

TeleHealth’s TigrPX is built on cloud-based technology and an intuitive patient user interface (via TV or tablet) to deliver a personalized patient experience. Designed to fully support your health system's patient experience programs and initiatives, the system automates workflows, documents/integrates with your EMR and collects critical business analytics for quality improvements, and better patient care.


Tools for Quality Improvement

With patient-specific education plans, communication tools, patient request and service recovery capabilities, systems integrations, and entertainment features, the patient experience has never been more engaging. TigrPX enables hospitals to automate workflows and standardize education to drive quality, safety, satisfaction, and service excellence.

The TigrPX StaffConnect dashboard enables clinical staff to assign education, quickly view education plan progress, track engagement metrics, monitor patient communications, and respond to service recovery opportunities. Leveraging these capabilities, hospitals can enhance not only the inpatient experience, but improve discharge planning, care transitions, and post-hospitalization outcomes.


Rethinking the Patient Experience

An intuitive user interface lets the patient customize their display to personalize interactive sessions for a more immersive and engaging experience.


Patient Convenience/Improved Staff Efficiencies = Optimal Return on Investment

Studies show that bedside nurses spend a considerable amount of their time responding to non-clinical patient requests that could be handled by other hospital staff. TigrPX easily enables patients to:

  • Order Meals (According to their dietary restrictions)
  • Control Room Environment (lights, temperature, window shades)
  • View Daily Schedules/Activities/Care Team
  • Watch Engaging Relaxation Content (reduces stress and promotes restful sleep)
  • Request Patient Services (Pet Therapy, Spiritual Care, etc.)
  • Make Direct Requests to Environmental Services or Maintenance

Patient requests made through TigrPX allow nursing time and resources to be used more effectively for patient care.


Improve Medication Education and Increase Post-Discharge Medication Compliance

When post-discharge medications are prescribed to patients, TigrPX automatically:

  • Informs patients about in-house pharmacy services
  • Allows the patient to request a visit from the pharmacist for medication counseling
  • Encourages in-house prescription fulfillment

This workflow enables patients to receive bedside counseling along with their filled prescriptions, empowering them to adhere to ther medications after discharge and avoid unnecessary readmissions.


Multi-endpoint Mobility

Available for deployment on in-room patient televisions and/or hospital tablets, TigrPX helps hospitals fulfill their vision of the patient experience.

With flexible delivery options, hospitals are able to reach their patient population across their entire health system, including ambulatory and affiliate locations, common areas, and other settings not traditionally equipped with patient televisions.

The TigrPX cloud-based architecture makes it easy to implement into your existing hospital network infrastructure. Whether your hospital has 20 beds or 2000, TeleHealth's solution is scalable, reliable, enterprise-level, and cost effective to help hospitals of any size meet their patient-centered engagement goals.


Seamlessly Educate and Engage Patients for Better Outcomes

Engaging patients and their families across the continuum of care is critical to achieving Triple Aim1 objectives of improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita healthcare costs. The TigrPX patient experience solution allows hospitals to better facilitate care transitions by connecting with patients through customized touchpoints across the care continuum. Your health system can shape the patient experience with TigrPX by providing on-demand, patient-specific education plans and communication tools pre-admit and post- discharge to continue and encourage patient and family engagement throughout the recovery process.

With TigrPX, clinicians can assign condition-specific education content that informs patients and caregivers to lessen anxiety about post-discharge care. Patients can view and share the education content with family/caregivers and prepare them to support the patient’s recovery in the hospital and after they are discharged to their home or a care facility. Delivery of this condition-specific content beyond the patient room helps reduce readmissions.



More personalized care is a patient's top health care priority.



Your Success is Our Success

TigrPX includes Client Outcomes Management to support our client hospitals in achieving their patient-centered care goals. TeleHealth Client Outcomes Managers have a broad understanding of the in-patient setting and the challenges of delivering effective patient education and engagement. Equipped with backgrounds in healthcare and technology, best practices and evidence-based research, and a solid understanding of how our client hospitals across the U.S. are using their interactive patient education systems to achieve extraordinary results. Our Client Outcomes Managers consistently receive high satisfaction marks from health systems and hospitals throughout the country. With the full support of TeleHealth Services they become your true partner in your health system's quest for better patient education, engagement and better patient experiences. Learn more.

1Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim: improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction);improving the health of populations; and reducing the per capita cost of health care.