Patient Education Content

Quality Patient Education Starts with Excellent Patient Education Content

Quality patient education content is vital to an effective health education program at your hospital and an integral part of our interactive patient education solutions. TeleHealth’s patient education and engagement solutions come fully equipped with a carefully selected and comprehensive patient education content package. With 250+ titles, offered in English and Spanish, it’s the most comprehensive package in the industry.

TeleHealth has partnered with the most respected healthcare content producers to provide diverse subject matter across a broad spectrum of healthcare categories and conditions. Quality hospital education programming, delivered in plain language video format, helps hospitals to provide consistent, quality information to educate patients and family — and acts as a useful tool for clinical staff.

With decades of experience and hundreds of successful interactive education systems implemented across the country, TeleHealth understands the unique challenges your healthcare facility faces when it comes to patient education. Our experienced clinical team takes a consultative approach to implementing the right patient education content for your patient population. We work tirelessly throughout the content selection process and beyond your interactive system installation to offer a tailored, flexible, and customized solution that supports your hospital’s quality performance goals and keeps your patients educated for healthy outcomes and entertained for a better patient experience.

TeleHealth partners with industry-leading patient education and relaxation content vendors to provide your hospital or healthcare facility with the latest and most sought-after patient education videos and relaxation programming that meets the needs of your patient population. Some of our patient education programming vendor partners include:

Additional non-profit community-based content providers are also a source for quality patient education videos. Some of these organizations include:

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