Outcomes Management

Client Outcomes Management

Improving the patient experience with your interactive system is a journey.

Your TeleHealth Services Outcomes Manager is with you every step of the way.

Your TeleHealth Services Client Outcomes Manager is your designated, ongoing partner in success. We provide proactive support with response times second to none. Your success with your interactive patient engagement system is our number one goal. We are professionals with backgrounds in nursing, technology, patient education and patient experience. Our team works collaboratively behind the scenes so that all clients benefit from our collective knowledge and skills. We are industry experts, with in-depth knowledge of our solutions, best practices and a wealth of creative approaches to help you achieve success. Our aim is to maximize your hospital’s return on investment by helping you move the needle on the patient outcomes and satisfaction measures that matter most. As the face of our company and the voice of our clients, your Outcomes Manager is your advocate and partner in your journey toward an optimal patient experience.


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“You have been so invaluable with exploring cost-effective options
for us to meet the needs of veterans.”
Sandi Woods, Veteran Health Ed Coordinator, V.A. Medical Center Omaha

Client Outcomes Managers work to ensure that all our client hospitals are on the fast-track to success by helping to: 

  • Develop a consistent approach to patient-specific education
  • Augment existing strategies and craft new initiatives to improve KPIs
  • Increase patient and family engagement in care
  • Improve patient satisfaction to increase HCAHPS scores
  • Increase staff efficiency in delivering patient education
  • Empower patients to assume an active role in their safety
  • Promote hospital services, amenities, and brand awareness
  • Craft and deliver messaging and communications for patients


“My Outcomes Manager always responds quickly to my requests, helps facilitate resolution of issues and comes up with new ideas to assist with using the system.”
Pat Miller, Patient Education Specialist, Aultman Hospital


We recognize that training is not a one-time event. Your Client Outcomes Manager will provide comprehensive training at the launch of your system as well as after upgrades or implementation of new features. We work with you to develop training plans that best meet the needs of your facility and develop customized materials for you, such as how-to videos, tip sheets, and video library guides.

System Customization

Client Outcomes Managers work closely with you to customize and optimize your system throughout the system build and beyond. We support you in the day-to-day administration of your system and offer expert guidance on workflows and design to ensure your interactive technology meets your hospital’s needs.

Creative Consulting

Whatever your hospital’s goals and priorities are, there’s a way to use your interactive system to support the desired improvements. We can help you craft a special initiative using your interactive system as the keystone technology, or incorporate features and capabilities of your system to boost the impact of other projects and programs already in progress at your hospital.

Measuring Success

We help you track your system utilization and trend it with data measuring your hospital’s progress toward your most important goals and priorities for improving outcomes.  

Video Content & Library Management

>We help you build an education video library which meets your hospital’s needs for patient and family education and guide you through the renewal/replacement process. As new needs arise, we’ll help you search and review options from vetted content providers. We routinely share free content resources with our clients and can advise your hospital on how to create your own custom videos.

Liaison with Technical Support

Our Outcomes Managers serve as liaisons between your hospital and our technical support department. We can help you troubleshoot and remedy many common technical issues, plus educate you on root causes and ways to prevent recurrences. When opening a support ticket, we help you articulate the problem, ensure it is properly prioritized, and track it through to resolution.


We facilitate opportunities to bring clients together - both virtually and in person - for mentorship, networking, and peer-driven learning.

*97.5% of hospitals responding to a 2019 Client Satisfaction Survey reported that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their experiences with TeleHealth Services Client Outcomes Managers.

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