Interoperability & Systems Integration for Optimal Outcomes

In the new landscape of healthcare, technology is playing a larger role in not only the treatment of patients but in making the patient an active participant in their care. TeleHealth Services' interactive patient engagement and education solutions allow for advanced integration with your existing hospital systems, enabling hospitals and health systems to achieve superior results and operational efficiencies through streamlining and standardizing routine care tasks such as patient safety education and discharge planning.

Our experienced and dedicated development team works in coordination with hospital staff and technology vendors to define and architect customized solutions, with inherent interoperability to meet and exceed desired goals and initiatives. By integrating our interactive patient engagement and education solutions into your hospital’s existing systems and software, we add value to your hospital through improved clinical workflow efficiency, process automation, and revenue generation opportunities.

Examples of Integrations We Provide


Our ADT interfaces provide easy, automated documentation of patient-specific educational events for compliance reporting to governing bodies. Our interactive patient education systems collect education and experience data, and allow hospitals to run a multitude of usage reports for a variety of patient accreditation requirements or benchmarking purposes.


TeleHealth provides two options for interoperability within a hospital’s electronic medical records system. Our EMR reports interface provides documentation of the patient education session directly to a patient’s medical record. Our EMR orders interface is a bi-directional integration that enables healthcare facilities to push and manage education directly through their Electronic Medical Record. This provides hospitals with the ability to automate clinical workflows that enable consistent delivery and documentation of your patient education programs.

Patient Portals

Patient portal integrations can have a profound impact on Meaningful Use program achievement, as well as enhancing patient engagement initiatives. TeleHealth’s interactive patient engagement systems can integrate with EMR, custom hospital, or third-party patient portals to provide a seamless patient education and experience across the full continuum of care.

Interactive Patient Whiteboard

Building upon other clinical system integrations, TeleHealth's interactive patient engagement solutions offer the ability for patients to view their care team, medications, pain assessment, daily procedure schedule, and other care plan information.


Leveraging the integration of TeleHealth’s interactive patient engagement system with a hospital’s pharmacy system can provide great value to a hospital through revenue generation and added convenience to patients. Through this additional information continuity, hospitals can:

  • Increase revenue through greater utilization of in-house pharmacies (see case study below).
  • Provide clinical efficiencies around ancillary tasks such as pain measurement.
  • Enhance patient satisfaction through expedited prescription fulfillment.
  • Automation of medication education.


Dietary interfaces allow patients to enjoy room service-style meal ordering on-demand while enabling hospitals to simplify and automate meal ordering directly with their food service vendor. We provide interface opportunities to dietary vendors such as CBORD, Computrition, and Unidine.


Real-time location system integration with vendors such as TeleTracking, AeroScout, Ekahau, and Versus, allow hospitals an array of innovative opportunities to achieve various initiatives such as: aid in infection control efforts with hand washing reminders, provide patient engagement opportunities through introduction of staff upon room entry, and automation of education materials and assessments.

Value-Added Solutions for Your Interactive Patient Education System

When you select thein interactive patient engagement solutions from TeleHealth Services, you’re not just getting an industry-leading interactive patient education system — you’re hospital benefits from a more comprehensive, integrated approach to patient education and entertainment. With our experience in healthcare interoperability, the TeleHealth team has delivered customized integrations to meet unique goals and requirements at more than 450 hospitals across the US. Contact us to learn more.