Financing with Telehealth

Financing/Leasing/Purchasing at TeleHealth

The financial strength of TeleHealth Services’ parent company, Telerent Leasing Corporation, allows TeleHealth to custom-fit the needs and preferences of our clients on a case-by-case basis. We work side by side with our hospital clients to ensure we are creating the financing package that works best for them: purchasing, leasing, patient rental, or a combination of the three.

TeleHealth is able to break our client’s expenses down into one low monthly payment, many times with no large down payment required. This ensures that your capital budget is not touched and the monthly payments become simple operating expenses.

Leasing Option

Telerent has thousands of customers across the country that lease from us. Our in-house credit department assures quick approval and our leasing agreements are simple and flexible. Additionally, we never turn a lease over to a third party. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry, as well as a variety of leasing terms and structures. This includes:

  • Five, six, and seven year leases
  • Capital or operating leases
  • Roll-over leases
  • Fixed or variable payment schedules
  • Monthly payments to cover equipment, programming, and maintenance

Purchase Option

When hospitals and health systems decide to purchase equipment from us, the process is easy. We accept standard purchase orders, and typically process orders in one business day. We provide cash terms that suit our clients’ requirements, including progress billings and deferred payment programs. Even if a client wishes to purchase pieces of equipment a few at a time, we will be able to set up a reliable ship-and-bill programs, making it efficient and easy for a facility to utilize the new equipment.