Sound Masking

Sound Masking

The mission of many modern hospitals has expanded to not only include rehabilitation of a patient’s body, but also to rejuvenate their mind and spirit. Industry mandated standards have also become more important as hospitals strive to earn better HCAHPS scores. As patient satisfaction and mandated standards become a greater focus, hospitals are seeking ways to increase acoustic comfort and privacy while decreasing noise. After all, one of the most significant drivers of negative patient satisfaction in hospital environments is noise, so much so the HCAHPS survey asks the following question:

During this hospital stay, how often was the area around your room quiet at night?

Sound masking dramatically contributes to patient satisfaction because it effectively promotes rest and relaxation as well as confidentiality.  Studies show that patients in rooms with sound masking find that it helps to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and prevents unwanted noises from disrupting their sleep. By adding sound masking in healthcare settings, patients are able to sleep better resulting in an improvement of medical outcomes and their personal satisfaction as evidenced in HCAHPS survey responses.

In addition to hospital inpatient rooms, sound masking privacy solutions are also available for waiting rooms, exam rooms and pharmacies.

TeleHealth’s design and installation experts have developed and installed sound masking solutions in both corporate settings and healthcare facilities across the country. We leverage our experience to provide hospitals with a low-stress, less expensive and predictable process for planning, designing and building the sound masking solutions for your healthcare environment.

Patient and Paster
Sound masking helps patients fall asleep and prevent
unwanted noise from disrupting their sleep.