Education Rooms

Training and Education Rooms

Ensuring physicians, clinical/non-clinical staff, and other caregivers work effectively in support of patient care is a top priority for hospital executives, administrative and clinical leaders. As with any large organization, the success and quality of service delivered by hospitals depends largely on their teams’ ability to communicate and present information effectively.

Education rooms are the learning and training centers for any hospital. Rooms can vary from simple spaces with classroom seating arrangements to large auditoriums with extensive presentation capabilities. Education rooms can be divisible or stand-alone.

Creating user-friendly education spaces requires more than selecting equipment—it requires an extensive understanding of education facility requirements and the teaching experience.

TeleHealth’s team of design and installation experts has developed and installed education and training solutions for thousands classrooms with public and private schools, teaching hospitals, and academic medical campuses across the country. As a result, we provide hospitals with a low-stress, affordable and predictable process for planning, designing and building training and education infrastructure to accommodate a more immersive and impactful teaching-learning experience.

Training and Education Room