Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Hospital and healthcare facilities are using the latest digital technologies to make a lasting first impression and generate an exceptional experience for all who walk through your hallways.


Provide convenient directions and empower visitors to locate specific rooms and services throughout your facility. 

Avoid frustrating patients, visitors and employees with simple, yet comprehensive wayfinding tools. Also consider the potential costs associated with patients and staff who are lost in your building:

Patient Satisfaction Scores: Lost patients may not perceive your hospital positively

Late Appointments: Patients who can’t find their way to clinics can affect clinician schedules

Staff Delays: Employees who can’t get to their destination in a timely manner affect productivity

Contact us for more details on creating a wayfinding system that works best for your healthcare operations.

Digital Signage

Keep patients, visitors and staff well-informed with up to date information and notifications. Deliver hospital-approved and branded messaging to patients and visitors throughout your healthcare facilities.. Patients in waiting rooms, visitors entering the lobby, hospital staff at their stations and employees chatting in the break room are all venues where digital signage makes a difference. Your digital signage can help:

  • Relieve Boredom in Waiting Rooms to Enhance Patient Satisfaction
  • Promote Various Revenue-Generating Services (Gift Shop, Pharmacy, Cafeteria, etc.)
  • Emergency Alert Messaging for Safety
  • Raise Awareness for Services That Support Your Community
  • Improve Employee Communications
  • Build Healthcare System Brand Loyalty

With TeleHealth Services, your digital signage can be centrally managed to ensure clear, consistent messaging across your healthcare campus, yet with the ease and flexibility for location-specific content to be updated on an as-needed basis. Contact us for more details.


Interactive Video Walls

Involve patients and guests in an artistic, entertaining, and satisfying experience. A large digital canvas can tell a rich and interesting visual story, express a commitment to health and wellness, actively recognize donors, or convey a professional, comfortable and safe environment.