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Hospitals Praise Customer Service from TeleHealth Services Outcomes Team Experts

January 9, 2019

RALEIGH, N.C.  – Hospital customers using interactive patient engagement and education systems from TeleHealth Services give high praise for customer service partnerships in a recent survey.

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Responses from employees representing 69 hospitals reflected 97.5 percent as satisfied or very satisfied with their experience working with TeleHealth Services outcomes managers. Outcomes managers provide ongoing training and continuing project support in assisting their hospital clients obtain optimum results from using their interactive patient engagement systems. The scores included measures for frequency of communication, responsiveness and proactively helping improve hospital patient communications and education.

A vice president of patient experience at University of Maryland/Upper Chesapeake Health said, “My TeleHealth Services outcomes manager has been a fantastic partner. We have been able to stay focused and timely with her support.”

A patient education specialist at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio said, “My outcomes manager always quickly responds to my requests, helps facilitate issues and comes up with new ideas to assist with using the system.”

The TeleHealth Services Outcomes Team works directly with hospitals to drive value from using interactive patient education technology to achieve hospital objectives, including improving the hospital experience for patients and families, improving patient health and patient satisfaction scores, and reducing readmissions.

TeleHealth client outcomes managers have a broad understanding of the in-patient setting and the challenges of delivering consistent patient education to all patients. Outcomes managers use their knowledge, evidence-based research, and understanding of best practices at hospitals across the nation to help develop successful patient education strategies with their hospital clients.

The interactive systems deliver condition-specific video education, including comprehension assessment, at the point of care on in-room patient televisions. By streamlining the education process and quickly identifying when teach-back strategies are needed to reinforce education, nurses can devote more time to patient-centered care.

Hospital patients typically experience fear and anxiety during their stay. Education involves patients in their own care and teaches family members how to best support them when they return home.

“Our Outcome Team members are trained and dedicated to helping our hospital clients achieve their goals,” said Dan Nathan, senior vice president, TeleHealth Services. “The highest praise a business can receive is from our customers, and this survey demonstrates that our commitment to customer support excellence continues to be the foundation for business success. Together, we are helping patients and their families, and making the hospital environment as pleasant as possible.”