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At TeleHealth Services, we design and deliver interactive touchpoint solutions for better outcomes across the patient care continuum. With more than 2,500 client hospitals and clinics, 430 interactive patient care solutions commissioned, and 60 years of point-of-care expertise, TeleHealth Services is the leading provider of interactive patient experience solutions to the U.S. healthcare industry. We are the only provider of end-to-end interactive patient engagement and interactive patient TV solutions to enhance the patient experience, improve outcomes, and support the continuum of care. Our Health AV solutions are designed for the particular needs of the healthcare industry and, with our sister division Avidex; we are the 9th largest A/V integrator in the nation.

Our solutions include:

TeleHealth is a division of Telerent Leasing Corporation, a national technology solutions integrator headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, since 1957. Telerent is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITOCHU International, Inc.

For more than 60 years, we have been the best value for designing, building, and maintaining patient entertainment, education, and engagement solutions for hospitals. TeleHealth, the largest division of Telerent Leasing Corporation (TLC), has become the acknowledged leader in the industry through our relentless attention to customer satisfaction as well as acquisition of excellent product innovation and superior service.

In the 1960s, TLC began installing and financing hotel and hospital television systems throughout the US and had emerged as one of the leading companies serving the hospitality and healthcare industries by the late 1970s. In 1984, TLC created the TeleHealth Services division to focus exclusively on healthcare television systems. TeleHealth Services’ product line included one of the first computer-based interactive systems, the TeleComputer.

TLC was acquired by ITOCHU International, Inc., in 1989, and has been an important part of ITOCHU’s worldwide operations for 20 years (www.itochu.com). ITOCHU is a Fortune Global 500 corporation with US headquarters at 335 Madison Avenue, New York, New York. ITOCHU awarded TLC one of four worldwide Management Awards in 1993, named TLC as the 1997 recipient of the prestigious Management of the Year Award, and selected TLC for yet another Management Award in 2014.

TeleHealth Services acquired the US and Canadian healthcare television business of Granada North America in 1996. The merger made TeleHealth the largest provider of hospital television systems in America, a position it continues to hold today.

Since its inception, TeleHealth has been an innovator in custom-engineering televisions and other technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of hospitals. TeleHealth partnered with DIRECTV in 1997 to expand hospital channel line-ups and reduce costs. That same year, TeleHealth became the exclusive US distributor of the Philips healthcare televisions.

In 1998, TeleHealth launched its proprietary Tigr system, tapping into emerging digital technologies and allowing hospitals to offer powerful educational video-on-demand services to patients. The Tigr client base makes up the largest network of healthcare video-on-demand systems in the US. TeleHealth continues to pioneer new technology and hospital-driven software innovations through our in-house development group.

TeleHealth created its TigrNet interactive system in 2004, bringing the expanded content of the Internet directly to the patient rooms. In 2005, TeleHealth marketed the first healthcare-listed high-definition LCD TV and was the first company to deploy off-air high-definition channels in patient rooms.

In 2006, TeleHealth acquired Hospital Communication Systems, and in 2008 TeleHealth Services acquired Instant HealthLine, the second-largest hospital educational television company in the US. In 2010, TeleHealth Services partnered with Samsung Electronics America, Inc. to design and market Samsung’s ground-breaking healthcare TVs to hospitals.

In 2012, TeleHealth Services launched and installed its iTigr interactive system. The iTigr system expands upon Tigr’s “pull” system, meaning information is “pulled” by the user, to being a “push” system, meaning that information can be “pushed” specifically to a patient. The iTigr system provides advanced care plan management tools with workflow and integration capabilities for hospitals. TeleHealth’s full suite of patient systems, the scalability of the Tigr AP and iTigr platforms, and its long-standing leadership position in the industry allows TeleHealth to assure hospitals the best value and operability in system and secure effectiveness and efficiency.

To further expand its solutions offering in 2012, TeleHealth Services acquired Avidex Technologies, an audio visual design and implementation company based in Bellevue, Washington. Avidex’s extraordinary client base includes Adobe, Cisco Systems, Sprint, McAffee, McKesson, Stanford University School of Medicine, and Google. Together, TeleHealth Services and Avidex incorporate a broad range of technologies that empower clients to effectively communicate their message both internally and externally.

The core mission of TeleHealth Services is excellence in the patient experience. Our solutions combine state-of-the-art hardware and software to deliver high-quality educational and entertainment programming and provide patient-specific interactive education. Our innovative solutions, resolute corporate leadership team, hundreds of dedicated employees, and most of all, our distinguished customers, have enabled TeleHealth to become the largest and most successful provider of healthcare television and interactive education systems in the United States.